What is the ETHX campaign about?

The ETHX Campaign group is campaigning for a secondary school that is co-educational, multi-denominational, non-fee paying, with a full Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate curriculum available, and for the Dublin 6, Dublin 6W, Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 areas.

Who are our members?

With a membership of approx. 750 parents, the ETHX campaign represents a significant number of parents from over 30 primary schools, most of them located in the Dublin 8, 12, 6 and 6W areas. Some of our children attend co-educational, multi-denominational primary schools, while others attend a variety of other primary schools in the area. Our common bond is our desire for inclusive, democratic child-centred learning in a local second-level solution for our children. Sign up below: 

What are the aims of the ETHX campaign?

  • Parental preference: to have a co-educational, multi-denominational, democratic, non-fee paying second-level school in the local area of Dublin 6, 6W, 8 and 12
  • Community continuity: to prevent the exclusion of Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 from the catchment area for the proposed post-primary school in Harold’s Cross

There is currently no co-educational, multi-denominational, democratic, non-fee paying second-level school in the Dublin 8 or Dublin 12 areas, despite the fact that there are now a number of primary schools in those areas with this ethos. School communities in Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 are being fragmented and dispersed, and our children are being denied the opportunity to create lasting friendships from primary school through to Leaving Certificate, to detrimental effect.

At present, the campaign is focused on the secondary school that is due to open in Harold’s Cross, on the old Greyhound Racecourse site, in 2020. The school planning areas designated for that school by the Department of Education & Skills are Dublin 6_Clonskeagh and Dublin 6W. Only families living within those areas will be surveyed for patronage and prioritised in the school’s admission process.

The ETHX campaign is seeking to have families from Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 included in this school’s catchment area. We are being told by the Department that the schools in Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 are undersubscribed, but we have discovered that 20% of the 6,855 children attending secondary school in Dublin 6 and Dublin 6W travel there from Dublin 8 (306 children) and Dublin 12 (1,105 children). We represent a cohesive, diverse and inclusive solution to the patronage and demographic demand regarding the provision of a new second-level school in our local area.

Children from Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 currently attending primary school in Harold’s Cross will have no right to attend the newly announced secondary school (which for some will be less than five minutes’ walk away),

In 2025 there will be over 150 children transitioning to post-primary from multi-denominational primary schools in Dublin 8 and Dublin 12 with no second-level school of similar ethos to accommodate them in their own community.

Dublin 12 currently has no access to second-level multi-denominational post-primary schools, while families from Dublin 8 must travel across the city to a school location on the coast, to either Sandymount (to Sandymount Park ETSS, approx. 5km away) or Blackrock (to Newpark Comprehensive, approx. 10km away) for continuity of ethos. These Dublin 8 families are paying to travel to these schools by private bus and pass by the Harold’s Cross site, minutes from their pick-up point.

In an age of concern about childhood obesity and lack of physical activity, not to mention issues with regard to traffic, commute times and sustainability, surely making children travel this far outside their existing school communities is ill-conceived? As things stand, we as parents have to make choices for our children’s education that make no geographical or demographical sense.

The Harold’s Cross site represents a real and viable solution to our needs, and would provide our children with a harmonious transition to second level, and the continuity in education and community that they deserve.

Our Committee and Working Groups

  • Chairperson: Deirdre Brennan
  • Secretary: Róisín Kelly
  • Communications Group: Anne Frain, Sinéad Nestor, Adele Kane, Myriam Hooper, Ellen O’Grady, Mairéad Tully
  • Research Group: Róisín Kelly, Cathy Enright, Sophie Nicoullaud, Jenny Jackson
  • Political Group: Deirdre Brennan, Asumpta Sweeney, Eileen O’Gorman
  • D6 /D6W: Sarah Carolan, Jane Sweeney, Áine Sreenan

Volunteers welcome: please contact us ethxschool@gmail.com should you wish to help out.